Carboplatin Dosing Survey: Closing date 25 February 2019

By Netty Cracknell on 27 February 2019

Dear BOPA member,

Please see the request below to complete a survey regarding carboplatin dosing. 

There is much conflicting evidence regarding the best method for calculating creatinine clearance for the purpose of carboplatin dosing, especially in subpopulations such as the elderly, obese or underweight populations. As such, I believe there are significant variations in practice in cancer centres throughout the UK.

I would be grateful if you would take the time to complete this online survey which aims to capture practice across the country to identify where variation exists. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. 

The results will form part of a dissertation project for my MSc in clinical oncology and with a plan to feedback via a poster presentation at a future BOPA symposium. Other aspects of the project include determining the accuracy of Cockcroft and Gault formula and the Wright method versus EDTA measurements in cancer patients treated with carboplatin and examining if patients treated with carboplatin doses based on Cockcroft and Gault formula experience more frequent dose changes and excess toxicity compared with those treated with carboplatin doses based on EDTA measurements.
Closing date: February 25th 2019.

If you would be interested in reviewing the results of the project please do get in touch by emailing Kate Gregory on

Many Thanks 
Pinkie Chambers
(BOPA A&R subcommittee)