Follow #BOPA Bursary team on twitter and watch out for website content

By Steve Williamson on 1 June 2018

The BOPA bursary Party - Steve, Alkis, Marcus, Kelly, Debra, Hannah, Joe, Charlie,  James, Kumud, Calum are in Chicago at the ASCO conference.  They are 6 hours behind the UK, but will be tweeting and broadcasting videos to you all over the course of next 4 days.  Follow us on twitter with #BOPA, the team are just building interest for now and getting everyone using twitter then educational stuff will follow soon.

We will be reporting on latest data and discussing what we think it means for UK and for Pharmacy practice, as a group we have chance to debate and discuss the exciting new data from ASCO and not just the headline 'This new drug is great because it gives  X weeks improvement in OS' , We will be delving deeper into what it will mean for us.  

It's all new and it is the first time BOPA ever done anything like this, so we are learning as we go along, but supported by our Digital and Media expert parters WhyHealth.

One of the themes that ASCO is organising this year is a fitbit steps challenge, as there is a huge amount of walking to be done. So our team have been given basic fitbits (£49) and we are counting our steps and joining in the ASCO challenge as part of our strategy to both bond as a team and crucially to build BOPA's digital presence and influence.  

So that's all for now, keep a check on twitter try an follow our Bursary team (see below) and look out for content on the new Bursary section on the website. 

We are (in no particular order)