Periscope Videos of London Oncology Pharmacy Educational Event (18.09.18)

By Steve Williamson on 19 September 2018

  As part of our on-going development of Digital Education to suit the modern world - i.e. using smart phones tablets, our BOPA Bursary Digital Hero's worked with colleagues in London to live stream last nights London Oncology Pharmacy Education event.... for those that couldn't tune in live.. no problem catch up on twitter or event better, download periscope to your device and search for @BOPACommittee you will find the broadcasts and can watch at your leisure, all part of our commitment to Oncology Pharmacy Education.  

You can find links to periscope

Special thanks to all the presenters, event organisers and to our London colleagues for letting their local meeting be shared nationally!  Please feedback any comments on perisciope back to us for our new digital subcommittee to review .

Hope to see you all in October in Birmingham