By Steve Williamson on 27 April 2018

Hello BOPA Members,  Firstly Good luck to Emma Groves and Isalm Elkonaissi from BOPA Exec who are speaking at pharmacy congress today!!

Well after a long winter we have had some sunshine, isn't it great...of course Newcastle & Northumberland are bathed in sunshine, but our thoughts should be further south in lovely London as we have two BOPA studies coming up, our Advanced Practice next Monday 30th and then soon after the introduction to Oncology course on 21st May both at the Royal Marsden at Chelsea.  Then we move further North to Manchester to repeat the introduction to Oncology Course in Manchester at the Christie on 11th June.

New Digital Content comming soon
One thing you may have noticed is that we have moved away from using expensive hotel venues for our courses and are organising them ourselves at NHS venues, this saves us money, makes us more sustainable and allows us to use sponsorship in a different way.   I'm really excited about this next bit!! - we are filming both courses and have paid for digital media companies to capture the contents so we can finally have a digital version of the Introduction course and highlights of the advanced practice course.  This is all part of our developing digital strategy.  A huge thanks to Bryn , Olga and Seonaid from our E&T committee.

We have a new website provider so Netty Cracknell is working with them to update and Improve our site, what this space.

Next our thoughts are turning to the Midlands and Birmingham and our Annual Symposium.  We have a great team leading the planning with Emma Foreman and Susanna Daniels taking the lead from the Exec committee.  The Agenda is shaping up nicely and looks to be another good meeting.  Each year why try something slightly different we have gone for less parallel streams this year as people found having too much choice not very helpful.  WE have a fantastic inspirational speaker lined up as well.  

Just a reminder as our accepted posters submissions are now published in JOPP the deadline is sooner and as in recent years the judging is quite rigorous Pinkie Carl and the A&R team are looking forward to receiving your submissions.

That’s it for now, loads more to tell you about - make sure you keep up to date on committee activity on our documents pages

Take Care
Steve Williamson BOPA Chair